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"LeRoy has written and important book on an issue of vital concern to working Americans."
—John Sweeney, President, AFL-CIO
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Greg LeRoy has been dubbed “the leading national watchdog of state and local economic development subsidies” and “God’s witness to corporate welfare.” For more than 20 years, mostly from Chicago, he has been writing, consulting, and training for unions, community groups, environmental and smart growth advocates, labor-management committees, professional associations of development officials, elected officials, journalists, and state and local government agencies. His 1994 book, No More Candy Store: States and Cities Making Job Subsidies Accountable, was the first compilation of economic development safeguards such as clawbacks and job quality standards. Upon winning the Stern Family Fund’s 1998 Public Interest Pioneer Award, he founded Good Jobs First ( Based in Washington,DC, Good Jobs First promotes corporate and government accountability in economic development and smart growth for working families. It also includes Good Jobs New York, the Corporate Research Project, and Good Jobs Illinois. Greg holds degrees in journalism and U.S. history.

Good Jobs First
A Resource Center for Winning Accountability
Good Jobs First ( is a user-friendly resource center for grassroots groups and public officials who want to end the Great American Jobs Scam. We provide training, consulting, research, and technical assistance, and our website is full of practical toolkit materials on issues such as: Job Quality Standards, Researching Subsidies, Smart Growth for Working Families, and Clawbacks.You can also sign up for our Activist E-mail List, or click to our Good Jobs New York project for research on Job Blackmail in New York City and Post-9/11 Scams. Our Corporate Research Project provides strategic research assistance.


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