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“By showing how the tax dodging system works, the book will empower taxpayers to hold their elected officials—and the corporate special interests—accountable. It should be required reading for governors, mayors and legislators around the country who want to invest their citizens’ money wisely and effectively."
—Robert S. McIntyre, Citizens for Tax Justice

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Greg LeRoy’s New Book is Making News Nationwide!

“A powerful compendium of corporate tax dodging in the U.S. Most disturbing is evidence that states and cities are usually paying companies to do whatever they would have done anyway. A persuasive study supported by lots of disturbing evidence.”
Business Week

“…enough examples to outrage free-market conservatives and anti-corporate liberals alike.”
—Seattle Times

“For years, Greg LeRoy has been America’s chief whistle-blower on the subsidies, which he now estimates add up to an eye-popping $50 billion annually.”
—Neal Peirce, nationally syndicated columnist

“LeRoy argues persuasively that tax rates aren’t the main thing driving business locations anyway; tax discounts are just something to be extracted because companies have figured out they can do it.”
—Baltimore Sun

Greg LeRoy, a “Prophet of accountability,” “skewers some of the most common tax breaks and argues that states desperately need to reform their incentive programs.”
—The Oregonian

“...a parade of damning case studies showing why communities should not woo corporations with subsidies. Corporate tactics, he finds, include quickly shuttered subsidized facilities, union busting and jobs that pay below the poverty line.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Venerated companies such as Fidelity, Bank of America, and Dell Computer find themselves bedfellows with such known villains as Enron and Wal-Mart in LeRoy’s caustic chronicle.”
—Library Journal

“Polemical though his writing style may be, LeRoy amasses a great deal of evidence from states and cities around the country showing that publicly financed economic development programs are outlandishly wasteful.”
—Prof. William Shugart, University of Mississippi

“In a kind of crazy world where everything is reversed LeRoy explains how the poor pay more, the schools get less, and jobs, despite the best economic modeling, just don’t seem to materialize as promised. [This book] should not only be read but studied by community activist, planners, and public officials.”
—Lawrence Wallack, Dean of Urban and Public Affairs, Portland State University

“LeRoy digs deeper, and asks the crucial questions that should accompany any incentive package: Would those jobs have come without the tax break? How much are they really costing taxpayers? What kinds of growth patterns do they encourage?”
—Charlotte Observer

 “Big businesses receive the vast bulk of incentives, LeRoy said, because they know how the subsidy game is played. That leaves small businesses, often hometown businesses, as the victims of unequal economic treatment.”
—Robert Trigaux, St. Petersburg Times

“By promoting more transparency in the system and proposing many commonsense reforms to the problems he describes, LeRoy offers readers a thoughtful exposé that is based on numerous case studies and recent examples.”
—Speed Reviews of New and Noteworthy Books for Business Executives

“In the field of investigative business reporting, few writers are on a par with Greg LeRoy. LeRoy’s investigative style busts chops and sizzles up his narrative, especially the way he describes the trap that so many towns fall for.”
—Houston Chronicle, “10 Significant Business Titles of 2005”

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