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The recent debacles of Enron and Worldcom grabbed headlines, but the Great American Jobs Scam is far bigger—effecting each and every one of us in more ways than you might imagine.  
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The Great American Jobs Scam

In communities across America, a scandal is lurking that is far bigger than the recent headline-grabbing debacles of Enron and WorldCom. Here, Greg LeRoy exposes The Great American Jobs Scam, showing how major corporations have learned to use an all-too-often empty promise of "jobs, jobs, jobs" to win economic development subsidies and fatten their own coffers.

The average state has more than thirty subsidy programs, which range from property tax abatements, corporate income tax credits, land write-downs, infrastructure aid, and just plain cash grants. With so many incentives to boost employment, you’d think job creation would be approaching an all-time high. In reality, many companies fail to create or retain the jobs they promise. Many pay poverty wages or fail to provide healthcare to employees. Some move jobs offshore. And many have not created any new jobs—or have actually laid people off since pocketing their incentives.

How can companies get away with this? Because it's a rigged system with no strings attached. Using up-to-the-minute examples and naming dozens of corporate names, LeRoy exposes this process for what it is. He reveals an elaborate cast of characters that includes secretive "site location consultants" who play states and cities against each other; “business climate” experts with highly politicized interpretations of data; rented consultants proffering rosy projections about job creation and tax revenue; and even a fledgling industry that helps businesses buy and sell economic development tax credits.

LeRoy makes the case for strict accountability measures to curtail private disinvestment and restore public priorities. By getting our taxpayer dollars out of private deals and into public goods, and by integrating our jobs strategy with our educational goals and land-use planning, he proves, we can spend less and get more.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Money for Nothing
1. The Tax Dodgers Are Coming! The Tax Dodgers Are Coming!
2. Site Location 101
3. Fantus and the Rise of the Economic War Among the States
4. "Single Sales Factor" and the Corporate Assault on the Income Tax
5. Property Tax Abatements and Your Local School
6. Subsidizing Sprawl, Subsidizing Wal-Mart
7. Loot, Loot, Loot for the Home Team
8. Shifting the Burden
9. Building a New Consensus for Reform

Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

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