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Remember all those jobs that big corporation promised to bring to your city—the jobs your tax dollars subsidized?  Where did those jobs go?  
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" outstanding, well-researched exposé."
The Dallas Morning News

Greg LeRoy’s powerful new book exposes a vast web of bait-and-switch deals in which corporations receive huge tax breaks and subsidies in the name of “job creation.” All told, states and cities spend $50 billion a year to reward companies for doing what they would have done anyway—which more often than not involves paying poverty wages, abandoning inner cities, and laying off workers.  The Great American Jobs Scam exposes these “deals” for what they truly are—money for nothing—and provides a much-needed roadmap for reform.

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It's also been reviewed in Publishers Weekly, The Baltimore Sun, The Dallas Morning News, The Seattle Times, and will be featured in an upcoming issue of The Nation.

Great American Jobs Scam

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