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This Book Has Changed Lives....

"This is the most profound and practical business book I have ever read! Everyone I have recommended this book to has been challenged intellectually and also touched emotionally. It is a must read that I will give to my kids to read before they begin their careers."
—Tom A. Didonato, Vice President, Human Resources, Heinz North America

"I love this book.  It identifies the central issue in all organizational performance. Like truth itself, this book reveals more with each re-examination. I highly recommend it."
—Doug Hauth, Sales Vice President, Lucent Technologies

"Imagine working in an organization where the aim of your colleagues is to help you achieve your results. I could not believe it possible. After reading this book I just had to bring Arbinger to the UK to teach our people. What an experience! We are all better people for it. This book touches the very foundation of culture, teamwork, and performance. It's a must for everyone."
—Mark Ashworth, President and CEO, Butcher's Pet Care, UK

"It's rare to find a business book that is good enough to recommend to your boss, your work team, and your friends. The concepts in this book have transformed both the way I work and the way I live."
—Robert W. Edwards, Managing Director, Worldwide Services, Fedex

"After decades of executive leadership in senior management positions, I've finally found in Arbinger what I consider to be the best means of improving every measure of success. From boosting the bottom line to increasing personal joy, this book shows the way."
—Bruce L. Christensen, Former President and CEO, PBS

"This astonishing book is a MUST read for every Executive or Personal and Professional Coach."
—Laura Whitworth, coauthor of Co-Active Coaching, and Cofounder, The Coaches Training Institute

"Rarely has a book had such an immediate and profound impact on the hundreds of CEOs of fast growth firms we work with through our MIT/Inc./YEO Executive Program. And it's one of those rare books that touches both the personal as well as professional lives of these leaders."
—Verne Harnish, Founder, Young Entrepreneurs' Organization and CEO, Gazelles, Inc.

"Don't be fooled by the title-this book is for everyone.  I can't think about my life the same way again."
—Jack Anderson, Nationally Syndicated Columnist and Pulitzer Prize Winner

"This is significant, original stuff. Leadership and Self-Deception is a terrific introduction to Arbinger's groundbreaking material-I enjoyed it immensely."
—Robert C. Gay, Managing Director, Bain Capital

"The leadership principles in this book have had a greater impact on the quality of leadership in our company than anything we have ever implemented. They have been extraordinarily important in helping make our company a great place to work while at the same time helping us focus on results and increase productivity as never before."
—Michael Stapley, President and CEO, DMBA

"My blood pressure has dropped significantly, and as long as I apply the Arbinger principles, it stays low. Leadership and Self-deception has made an enormous difference in my personal and professional life. Just ask my family."
—R. Douglas Holt, Presiding Judge, Graham County Superior Court, Arizona

"Arbinger has really hit the mark. As a management consultant in Europe, I've seen this book create more interest within our clients than any other leadership philosophy."
—Peter Foggin, Management Consultant, UK

"While reading, I reviewed my life, and, sure enough, what successes there were in it were based on Arbinger's principles. This book is a tool that could transform and elevate the way government functions!"
—Mark W. Cannon, Former Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice Of The United States, and Staff Director, Commission on the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution

"Simple . . . clear . . . powerful. With many years of experience in leadership, organizational development, and training I was surprised to find something strike me with such impact."
—Janet Steinwedel, Director, Leadership and Employee Development, Delaware Investments

"Arbinger has provided training for Anasazi for more than 10 years. The material in this book is an integral part of the incredible successes we experience with at-risk youth and their parents. Thank you, Arbinger!"
—Michael J. Merchant, CEO, Anasazi Foundation

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